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    7-Minute Effective Home Chest Workout (No Equipment)

    Welcome to another one of Chris' home workouts!

    This week Chris focuses on the muscles that comprise your chest. He brings you a carefully curated chest workout that only takes 7 minutes! This routine is one of his long- standing workouts that he has been doing for years. It will optimize your gains and deliver progressive results without any equipment to leave little room for any excuses!

    Every single one of these exercises can be scaled to any fitness level, so make sure to choose an elevation that both challenges you but is also appropriate for you. Today's workout is time based, as opposed to repetition driven. This will maximize results by increasing the time your muscles are under tension which increases hypertrophy and contributes to enhanced muscular growth. 

    Feel free to start the exercises at a lower surface that parallels the floor and transition to a more elevated workout surface if you begin to feel fatigued. The more elevation that is provided, the easier it is to execute the exercises. By progressing in this order, you will not only challenge your body but also your mind. Remember, quality over quantity, and make sure to follow along on the Heria Pro App to easily perform this workout at home and continue to stay on track by navigating through the programs provided on the app!



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    Chris Heria Workout Challenge + Home Meal

    This week, Chris brings you all a combination vlog this week! He includes not only a workout challenge but also shares one of his easiest and most nostalgic home recipes. 

    Before diving into the meat of the workout however, Chris starts things off with a reminder to focus not only physical strength but also mental strength. Mental stamina is the driving force for our actions and the accomplishment of our goals. By setting goals and eventually conquering them, you can and will achieve success in anything you do-- whether it be working out, academia, in your workplace, or in the role you play as a parent, friend, son, or daughter. Cultivating goals give you purpose and direction. It establishes meaning to your life and also allows you to measure your progress as you evaluate and integrate any adjustments necessary on your journey of the life you desire. 

    He starts things off with a highly efficient and challenging upper body workout. This is to test your current strength level relative to your body weight, as well as your capacity for endurance. Keep in mind that trying anything for the first time is almost guaranteed to be difficult, so do not become discouraged if this workout challenge seems a bit daunting. It is meant to challenge. And, for those of you who cannot execute this challenge just yet, do not worry. The progressions toward this skill can found on the Heria Pro App. Therefore, you can add this challenge to one of your future goals to work toward and conquer which will help keep you motivated on your fitness journey.


    Here's the list of ingredients for Chris' home- made deviled eggs that are packed with protein and highly cost- effective!

    1. Boiled eggs
    2. Seasoning: pepper & salt (to taste)
    3. Mayo
    4. Ketchup (optional) 


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    3 Exercises That Hit Every Muscle Without Weights

    Have you been looking for a thorough total body workout that actually challenges you both physically and mentally?

    Well, look no further because this week Chris Heria breaks down the art of calisthenics to prove that this form of exercise hits every single muscle with every rep. 

    In calisthenics, you utilize your own body weight for each exercise. Therefore, progressions come about by increasing the difficulty of the actual exercises-- not weight. The most advanced, calisthenics exercises will maximally increase the metabolic demands of your body which will produce the most effective and beneficial results in addition to broadening your range of motion. As you continue your training, you will gain not only strength and a solid physique, but also athleticism. By learning more difficult and advanced progressions, you will increase the amount of skills you have under you belt which will reflect in your everyday actions and health. 

    Because you will advance with progression exercises, the difference in each progression will lie in your own personal goals and what you desire to achieve. So, make sure to check-in with yourself and tune into your body in order to get the most out of your workouts. Start training when you are ready, and make your life easier by following along on the Heria Pro App!



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    Hardest Home Workout Anyone Can Do

    Recently, many people have transitioned to home workouts. Sometimes, the initial switch from an external gym to a home gym can be difficult. Therefore, one of the best strategies you can implement initially is the establishment of a goal. This contributes resilience both physically and mentally. 

    A positive, determined mental outlook can easily facilitate your accomplishments. Determination is key to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle especially given the current circumstances. Therefore, before you begin any workout or training regimen, always try to establish your goal so that you have a plan of action and focused direction to channel your energy toward. This strategy could give you the motivation you might need to change out of those pajamas and put in work to contribute toward an active lifestyle.

    This week you will especially need that mental aptitude because Chris and his team created the most difficult home workout for any trainee. This was created with the intention to empower and challenge you all to find and test your limits. As the practice of social distancing continues, there is no better time than now to work on yourself and redefine any limitations or barriers that may have hindered your growth in the past.

    Good luck. Stay safe. And, follow along on the Heria Pro App.


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    Most EFFECTIVE Body Weight Home Workout

    Looking for something to do during your self- quarantining time?

    Chris has got you all covered during this time of social distancing. This week he brings you all the first of his FREE 30 Day Quarantine Home Workout Program on the Heria Pro App. Chris and his team curated the most effective body weight exercises that you can execute right at home. Each of the exercises chosen will directly engage the target muscles to increase efficacy and optimize gains. Varying progression levels are included to allow flexibility and generalizability for you all. 

    This will ensure that you keep not only your physical activity, but also your spirits up. Physical and mental health are extremely important, especially during times of uncertainty. We must focus on what we can control and remain level- headed and safe. 

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