The BEST Way To Start Working Out From Home

Allison Chin

Taking the first step toward any direction or goal is always the hardest part. Whether you're searching for employment, breaking an old habit, or trying to start working out. That's why this week, Chris Heria brings forth some tips on the latter that will hopefully facilitate your training journey. These strategies can even be incorporated right from your own home-- leaving very little room for excuses!

Now, in order to maintain a sustained progression toward our goal of working out we have to think of why we're even doing this in the first place. Reasons to work out include but are not limited to... improving your body composition, building strength and muscle, reducing stress, and improving your health via prevention of chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular infarcts or diabetes mellitus. Next, we want to establish a strong foundation by mastering the basics before we move on any further. This will build every muscle in your body because basic body movement exercises use the same core movement pathways that are utilized by other advanced progressions (weighted and non- weighted), as well as engage the same muscle group compartments. By building a solid foundation in a step-wise manner, you can accustom your body to compound exercises-- exercises that use multiple muscles to perform a movement-- which will facilitate advancement in your training as you continue to challenge yourself and level up. 

Now, let's get started on building muscle and losing fat with this super effective workout that you can follow right now the Heria Pro App!



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