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Do 100 PUSH UPS A Day | Life Changing

Posted by Allison Chin on

Welcome back to another Chris Heria vlog. This week, Chris wants to share not only how to do a daily 100 push-ups but also why he does this. 

The push-up is the fundamental exercise for all pushing motions. It helps you build strength and muscle mass in your chest, triceps, and shoulder muscle compartments while also simultaneously engaging your lower back and core. Not only will you enhance your definition and improve the strength of those muscle groups but you will also improve your overall pushing motion. A tenacious pushing motion is not limited to simple push-up exercises but may be translated to all other pushing exercises. This allows you to lift heavier weight and even advance to harder progressions, such as elevated, clapping, and full planche push-ups. 

Even better, this efficacious exercise can be done anywhere and is very versatile. No equipment is required and you barely need that much space at all! Regardless if you are training in body building, powerlifting, strong man, boxing, or various body weight regimens, push-ups will still provide a fundamental benefit for you at a foundational level. Now, let's get started and aim to get this in at least 4 times a week!

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