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Posted by Allison Chin on

Fitness is a multifactorial phenomenon and is under the influence of genetic, epigenetic, environmental, social, and psychological factors, and everyone has their own personal and unique combination of intrinsic and extrinsic lifestyle factors that play a role into the starting point of their fitness journey. However, even though we all might be different, this week, Chris wants to share his thoughtful approach to his diet as he explains his goals and reasoning behind his actions in order to help guide your regimen or provide adaptations. 

The main logic behind "dieting" is altering your caloric intake. It boils down to the numbers and is dependent on your current physical state and future goals. Therefore, it is imperative to honestly assess where you are versus where you want to be in order to build a strategic and realistic approach toward success. Naturally, there will always be trade-offs. So, if you want to gain more power and strength, you will bulk but lose athleticism, and if you want to gain more lean muscle, you will raise your rep threshold but it will take longer and you might not have as much power as the alternative.

Hopefully by watching this video you can create some of your own takeaways because in the end, your goals are just that: your goals. Therefore, make sure to keep your personal growth in check by staying mindful and present to avoid getting lost in the clout of others. Seeking advice is welcomed, but always stay true to yourself and manifest your own vision! 

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