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I Let My (UNTRAINED) Friends Punch Me In The Face

Posted by Allison Chin on

You ever feel like punching someone smack dab on the face? Well, if you are working at Chris Heria's office, today's your lucky day because in this week's vlog, Chris is letting everyone in the office have a go at landing one on his face. 

Chris is aware that shots in the ring are usually due to the most unorthodox hits; therefore, in order to test his preparation, he gathered his team to challenge him. His strategy executed is to "mix it up" and keep his opponents on their toes. He utilizes all the defensive techniques that he has learned this far to be able to slip in and out and calculate his reaction movements. Stay tuned for the entirety of the vlog to see how Chris takes his boxing training to the next level by facing his colleagues with open arms!




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