We Tried Infomercial Gadgets To See If They'll Give Us 6 Pack Abs (AS SEEN ON TV)

Allison Chin

Let's give a warm welcome back to Mel G (@MelGFit) as she joins us on the latest vlog!

Mel and Chris take on nostalgic, infomercial gadgets on this week's video. These devices are infamous and notorious for boasting about speedy results, so let's see what these two fitness gurus have to say about their trial run. Each product was tested for 30 seconds and evaluated on price, subjective feeling, and visual results. Pros and cons are given per product so make sure to watch the whole video for their honest reviews!

None of the products shown are sponsored, but if you are interested in sponsoring, feel free to send an e-mail to support@chrisheria.com for further inquiry. 




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