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World's FIRST Bodybuilder To Ever Do This! (Unbelievable)

Posted by Allison Chin on

This week's vlog brings you a very special guest: Jesse James West!

Chris and his pal take on another adventure together and bring you on a one of a kind callisthenic journey as they explore the sunny city of Miami. Naturally, they kick things off at South Beach with a calisthenics workout progression and finish things off with a wicked surprise move. This was then followed by a ceremonious honoring of their friendship with matching tattoos. After all, who needs friendship bracelets when you have the one and only, Jose Rosado (@MisterPinkTattoo) on speed dial?

Check out the rest of this vlog to see how they ended the day with some friendly competition, and make sure to check out Jesse James West's YouTube channel for the vlog from the previous time they hung out. Log on to for his latest merch, and don't forget to download the Heria Pro app for more workout content!




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