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ABS Challenge | Can You Beat It?

Posted by Allison Chin on

With the sunny season of summer just around the corner, Chris Heria brings to you an Abs Challenge!

This will surely get you ready for the long-awaited season of summer and have you feeling energized and rejuvenated! This 6-Pack Abs Challenge can be done anywhere and does not require any equipment. You will be utilizing your own body weight, as it is of utmost importance to display mastery of one's own weight before supplementing with external weight. After completion of this core- targeting challenge, your fitness journey will be much more enhanced. By challenging yourself and finding your edge, you will become stronger-- both physically and mentally. 

If you find that this challenge is too difficult, don't feel discouraged. It is in fact, a challenge and was curated to be exactly as that. Feel free to take a break or two if you are feeling that it might be too strenuous, or even feel free to save this video, continue with your current training, and return to it at a later date. Now, hop on the Heria Pro App to follow along easily!




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  • Jody on

    Love this. Curious if the workouts posted on blog are also in app or on YouTube. I could not find this one in either. I just discovered to Chris Heria. Thank you.

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