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This 1 Exercise Changed My Life | MUSCLE UP

Posted by Allison Chin on

Lookin' to add a little spark to your life? Well look no further, as this week, Chris Heria reviews his life-changing move: The Muscle Up. 

The muscle up is one of the most basic, fundamental moves of calisthenics. By utilizing body weight, the training and accomplishment of this move develops muscle, strength, and skill. No matter if you are training at a beginner or expert level, if you are interested in incorporating calisthenics into your workout regimen, this is a move you want to focus on. Full disclosure, however, is that even though it is considered a basic move, this does not mean it's an easy move. In fact, this is a very difficult exercise, especially when starting from scratch, and mastery of this is quite the accomplishment. Therefore, once you master this, it will demonstrate that goals are indeed attainable which can be applied to any other goal you set for yourself! Now, let's start crushing your goals by following along on the Heria Pro App!




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