Chris Heria Boxing | Sparring | Conditioning

Allison Chin

This week, Chris Heria takes you on another chapter of his boxing journey as this month marks his 6 month milestone since he began his training.

In this vlog, he shows you everything he has been working on and reveals his current progress since inception. Specific skills included in this status update are pad work, double end bag, and sparring. Of course, Chris' growth could not have been accomplished without the guidance of his coaches, Jasoning Waldonson and Jonathan Calderon, who make guest appearances on this vlog, as well so make sure to check them out on social media. 

Reminder: Don't forget to find your edge and step outside of your comfort zone. It is always the right time to try something new. Embrace the invigorating feeling that comes with being a novice, and enjoy every step as you progress to becoming a master




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