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Posted by Allison Chin on

You asked, we delivered. By popular demand, the Heria team has put together this video tutorial on how to turn off gravity

Basically, this vlog will guide your fitness journey to develop muscle strength that makes your skills look effortless and makes you look weightless. Two main points that Chris discusses include increasing your body weight and explosive training.

By increasing your body weight with a weight vest during your regular exercises, you will increase resistance. Overtime, your muscles will calibrate to the increased load and the additional weight will become the baseline load that your muscles will have to work against. Therefore, once the supplemental weight is removed not only will you feel lighter, but you will also automatically apply more force per repetition, similar to when you would have had the extra weight. This not only helps you achieve hypertrophy at an accelerated rate which optimizes the quality of the muscle you will build, but it will also allow you to raise the bar of the amount of repetitions you are capable of doing. If you don't have a weight vest, feel free to pick one up at the shop and or use a substitute weight, such as a bookbag filled with books or water bottles!

Explosive training may also prove to be an effective strategy to turn off gravity. By executing every single repetition as explosively as your body and mind will allow, you will be capable of so much more once that switch is turned off. Similar to training with additional weight, explosive training increase the force per rep which will again, increase your muscles' baseline of functionality and allow you to get accustomed to a more advanced level relative to regular training.

Now, get ready to develop some super human strength by following along on the Heria Pro App!



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