Feeling overwhelmed with your goals? Well, just take a breath and map out your trajectory. Establishing a systematic order to fulfill achievements can go a long way and prove to be very fruitful. 

In this week's vlog, Chris Heria demonstrates how to methodically approach a goal-- specifically, a handstand push up. It can seem impossible at first, but by following these steps, you're sure to succeed! 

A unique characteristic of handstand push ups is that it is one of the few movements that can overload your entire body weight onto a muscle group in the absence of a single piece of equipment. Essentially, this takes advantage of and optimizes the use of your body weight in a true callisthenic fashion. It allows your body's vessel to act like a mobile gym that you can take with you anywhere which offers not only convenience but autonomy. 

Handstand push ups build the strength necessary to allow you to press your own body weight against gravity. This not only targets your upper arm muscle compartments, but also your core. The balance, endurance, and coordination required to execute this skill can even fine tune kinesthetic aspects of your training which increases your aptitude to take on even more challenges and goals!

Now, if you're ready to get started, make sure to follow along on the Heria Pro App and try out one of Chris' favorite exercises!



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