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Zen Heria Birthday Challenge (9 Years old)

Posted by Allison Chin on

Happy Birthday to Zen Heria!

2020 marks Zen's 9th birthday. Per tradition, Zen and his dad, Chris Heria, bring you all Zen's Annual Birthday Challenge. Because Zen turns 9 this year, his strength and endurance will be put to the test with 9 different exercise challenges. It is not only encouraged to cheer him on because he is a sprouting athlete and for the sake of camaraderie, but also because as a subscriber you also hold a stake in this challenge. If Zen succeeds, then 9 lucky subscribers will be sent a special prize in honor of his birthday. 

These 9 challenges will assess Zen's training up until this point. He's been hard at work staying active through boxing, soccer, and working out with his dad. So, this year's challenge will truly showcase all of his hard work through the year to reveal his progress. 

Check out the full video on Chris' channel and make sure to try out Zen's 9th birthday fitness challenge and follow along on the Heria Pro App!

Now, go show Zen some love in the comments section<3



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