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Get Bigger Biceps With Bodyweight Only

Posted by Allison Chin on

This week's vlog focuses on bodyweight bicep building. This workout routine is absent of any external weight and will get your biceps looking full and feeling strong. 

Whether your intention to try this routine is due to lack of access to resources or not, this form of training will benefit you regardless if you already have a gym membership or free weights readily available. The exercises involved in this vlog will rival the level of intensity of conventional gym exercises and will foster strength and skill. This routine will also be efficient because you will not only target your biceps, but the movements involved will lay the foundation for you to level up to more advanced exercises, such as the one-arm pull-up and the hefesto, that require an extreme amount of power that no amount of biceps curls can compete with.

By completing this workout and focusing on range of motion, contraction, and the quality of every repetition, you will be able to grow your biceps to their maximum capability. Make sure to engage both the long and short heads of your bicep as the short head contributes to a wider appearance and the long head contributes to a higher peak of the bicep. By training in an all encompassing, comprehensive fashion, you will be well on your well to attaining your goals. Follow along on the Heria Pro App!




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