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Get a BIGGER CHEST From HOME Push Ups Only

Posted by Allison Chin on

Lookin' for ways to build your chest muscles in the absence of equipment? Is this even possible without weights? Welcome and yes!

Get ready to follow along as Chris Heria shows you how to strengthen your chest solely with the power of push-ups! You will be able to build your chest musculature with the use of your own body weight as opposed to an externally applied weight because it will provide sufficient force onto a group of muscles that results in an overload that may even rival that that of a free weight. 

Each technique utilizes the same physiologic mechanism, and by following this regimen, you will be able to tear those muscles fibers which will enable them to grow back bigger, thicker, and stronger. By following these exercises, in addition to proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and a well-rounded workout routine, you will be well on your way to a fuller chest and a shredded physique. Make sure to follow along on the Heria Pro App for ease!




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