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Posted by Allison Chin on

What is your fitness goal? Are you finding it difficult to progress or accomplish achievements in these tumultuous times?

In this week's vlog, Chris Heria reveals his personal strategy on how to stay shredded during these times that you can incorporate into your own routine to facilitate the accomplishment of your own goal. While each day varies with some respect, there are some specific strategies that remain constant and can be executed every single day.

This regimen begins as soon as your eyes open following a well rested sleep with 100 push- ups. This is a great way to start the day and prepare yourself physically and mentally. This not only initiates the burning of calories right off the bat but it also builds endurance, strength, and discipline. Push- ups also engage your abdominals, therefore by consciously activating your abdominal muscles every single day, you can further promote the maintenance of a shredded physique. 

As mentioned, within this repetitive strategy, variation still exists. This can be achieved by browsing the Heria Pro App to easily find different push- up variations that you can integrate into your daily routine. Alternatively, variation can also be attained by mixing up the amount of sets and reps per set. This will keep your muscles at optimum performance levels and will facilitate muscle definition and maximum strength. 

Always remember however, that maintenance revolves around consistency, so it it vital to stay consistent with the goals necessary to maintain a shredded physique if this is what you want to achieve!



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