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The Best Chest & Triceps Home Workout

Posted by Allison Chin on

Welcome to another Chris Heria vlog! This week, Chris will continue to show you strategies on how to optimize body weighted exercises right at home. 

The muscle compartments of focus this week will include your chest and triceps regions. These two muscle groups can be effectively engaged without any equipment, and they are the two main muscle groups for the motion of pushing. This range of motion is often achieved in synchrony between the chest and triceps muscles and are activated in a collaborative fashion. Therefore, regimens combining both areas are highly effective to achieve maximum results because the activation of one compartment will enhance the activation of its complementary compartment.

Essentially, with the routine provided today, you will work out both muscle groups in the shortest amount of time. First we will start out with exercises that will primarily target the chest muscles while indirectly working your triceps. Once the upper, lower, medial, and lateral areas of your chest have been activated from the chest focused part of today's routine, we move onto the secondary muscle group: the triceps. While we hit the short, lateral, and long heads of this muscle group, however, we are still engaging the chest, maintaining that heat within your body and contributing to maximum muscle gains. Now, if you're ready to get started, make sure you properly follow along on the Heria Pro App!


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