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5 Min Full Body Home Workout (Dumbbells Only)

Posted by Allison Chin on

Are you looking for a quick, total body workout? Well, this week Chris brings the heat in the form of a routine that will activate every muscle fiber in your body in only 5 minutes. Don't think it's possible? Well watch the video and follow along on the Heria Pro App to see for yourself. 

You can do this workout in your own home or setting of your choice, and all you need is a pair of dumbbells, or dumbbell substitute (i.e. jugs of water, heavy books, etc.). If the dumbbell substitute just isn't doing it for you, and you still desire the authentic workout gear, leave a comment on his Youtube channel or Instagram, and the Heria team will work with you to manufacture some personalized dumbbells in the shop to promote your gains. After all, team work makes the dream work, and the Heria team goal is to promote healthy, active lifestyles and facilitate the accessibility of this for all. 

Now, let's get started on this quick workout of 5 exercises that we will sustain for 45 seconds each, interstitched with 15 second breaks in between. Don't forget to follow along on the Heria Pro App for ease!



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