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Still Can't Muscle Up? DO THIS! 100% RESULTS

Posted by Allison Chin on

It can be hard to accomplish certain challenges sometimes because they are exactly that-- challenging. This week, Chris wants to provide some support for you with respect to feeling hopeless because a goal hasn't been met... yet. 

Specifically, Chris breaks down The Muscle Up. This is one of the most basic, yet most fundamental callisthenic exercises, and this is your year to unlock your muscle up potential! It is a complex strength and skill based exercise that serves as a backbone for many advanced callisthenic progressions. Requiring both posterior and anterior muscle compartments, each repetition engages your body in a synchronized, timely fashion. The four components of a successful muscle up include: pulling strength, pushing strength, grip strength, and core strength. By developing the necessary strength of this muscle chain, you too can be a muscle up champion. 

Even if you have already conquered your muscle up, the game plan Chris provides can only help you advance toward a more substantial form. Make sure to check out other videos on the Heria Pro App to unlock your full potential and keep at it!




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  • Aaron on

    Awesome vid man! Really appreciate these! Also apparel looks sick ✌️

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