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Chris Heria - First Time Sparring Muay Thai

Posted by Allison Chin on


New year, new workouts! Chris has been trying a new form of exercise lately namely, Muay Thai, and now that he's got a couple weeks of experience under his belt, he wanted to share his experience with you all on this week's vlog!

First off, what is Muay Thai? Well, in Thai, muay means boxing. Therefore, it is a boxing sport that originated from Thailand and was traditionally used during close combat on the battlefield in the 16th century. While modern Muay Thai has been popularized as a competitive sport, within the Thai culture, it is considered a spiritual practice that is incorporated into their lifestyle. Also known as "the art of eight limbs," it is similar to calisthenics training in that the entire body is utilized to carry out the goal. 

Chris has been sparring and training with MMA fighter, Jonathan Calderon, who trained in Thailand at the prestigious Tiger Muay Thai institution, Jonathan Haggerty, a former ONE Muay Thai World Champion from the United Kingdom, and virtually with The Knowlesy Academy. This is just the beginning of Chris' Muay Thai fitness journey. What is something new you that you are going to try this year? Is it Muay Thai also? Or maybe it's calisthenics training on the Heria Pro App! Let us know in the comments, and feel free to follow Chris' progress on subsequent vlog posts.



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