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Chris Heria’s Full Day Of Training | Workout Schedule

Posted by Allison Chin on


2021 is almost here, and what better way to ring in the new year than by planning your fitness journey with the help of Chris Heria?

In this vlog, Chris shares his training regimen throughout the course of an entire day. As disclosed in prior videos, he starts off the day with 100 push-ups, but this time supplemented with 100 pull-ups and a biking session for cardio. Starting your training day off strong is an important way to develop a resilient mindset to fuel your motivation for subsequent training sessions. By maintaining your passion and drive, your fitness journey will be much more enjoyable and attainable. This backed by proper nutrition will facilitate a healthy and safe fitness campaign. Keep following along on the Heria Pro App to check out more strategies on how to improve your fitness routine!



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