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How To Human Flag The Easiest Way

Posted by Allison Chin on

Hello again, Thenx athletes! As this year comes to a close, Chris Heria wanted to share some high-yield tips on how to human flag. These techniques are super fast, efficient and definitely worth your time if this is something you would like to achieve. 

First off, let's break down the components of a human flag. Simply put, you are basically pulling with one arm while pushing with the other arm which allows your body to lift up into a horizontal position that parallels the floor and is perpendicular to the pole. This exercise is highly dependent on engagement of your latissimus dorsi and abdominal muscles to maintain this straight line. Full disclosure, the initial steps on human flag training can feel uncomfortable or very challenging; however, if you hit the proper muscles groups with the appropriate exercises (shown in this video) to build your foundation and learn the mechanics behind the movement, you will achieve your human flag faster than you think!

By training for this exercise, you will not only achieve your human flag but you will also increase the strength of your upper body and core while optimizing your pulling and pushing abilities. Now, get ready to begin your training on the Heria Pro App where you can easily follow along with not only this workout routine but many others!



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