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Do This Under 5 Min To WIN $1,000

Posted by Allison Chin on

December marks the month of not only giving, but Chris Heria's birthday. This year is no different from the past, in that Chris Heria will be holding a virtual challenge in an effort to award 3 winners as his gift to you all. 

This challenge is based on completion during an allotted time frame-- 5 minutes, and in order to include as many participants as possible, this challenge will include moderate and or intermediate exercises. These exercises can not only be learned relatively quickly but are fundamentals to body weight training, which will foster your calisthenics journey even after the challenge.

As with any competition, rules are set in order to ensure a clean and clear outcome, which includes optimal form during execution with an uncut video submission on YouTube, including the title "Chris Heria's 5 Minute Challenge 2020" before December 20, 2020. Winners will be announced the following day, on December 21, 2020 aka Chris' birthday. Now let's get started on tackling this year's challenge!

1) 10 handstand push-ups

2) 20 pull-ups

3) 30 dips

4) 40 jump squats

5) 50 push-ups



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