Check out Chris Herias adventure in Miami with Boo Johnson and Nick tucker as they go Jet skiing, skateboarding workout and play a game of skate to see who wins a Lamborghini!


  • katsu

    tnxxx is cool Thank you

  • Katsu

    Hey Thanks for the posting and stuff i stared wacthing your videos and it is changing my life THANK YOU

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    Man thanks for posting good and advance work out it really change my life for better.still post videos and we fans will follow you thank you bro.And can I have a favor pls shout out for your new video.tnxxx😎😎

  • Ramil Dizon

    I’m just starting to do work out now since I watch your video it’s really giving me courage and confidence on how you show and share your technic and idea to improve the muscle strength. Thanks a lot for encouraging us to do work out.

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