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UNDER $3 Meal to get SHREDDED

Posted by Allison Chin on
UNDER $3 Meal to get SHREDDED


Wanna learn how to get ripped AND be healthy for under $3?

Chris goes over the nutritional aspect of training in this latest vlog where he breaks down the nutritional value of ingredients that makeup your meals. He includes options for those who eat meat, vegetarians, and even vegans! Chris makes sure to highlight the fact that there are definitely high protein options out there for everyone that can be suited to personal needs, as demonstrated by the eggs and tempeh. 

He shows you how to get fit on a budget by incorporating meals into your diet that are cost- effective while also nutrient dense. He breaks down the meal variants by carbohydrate, protein, and caloric values to demonstrate the advantages of each. This is just one example of a wallet- friendly, healthy meal that you can try out. Feel free to start with this idea and then explore other types of meals that work toward better health!

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