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I Tried Rock Climbing With A 40LB Vest

Posted by Corinne Chen on

 It’s challenging enough to attempt rock climbing as a rookie but strap a weighted vest to your chest and the effort becomes real! Join Chris at Mesa Rim Climbing and Fitness Center in San Diego, California for another round of rock climbing with Nayton, Speed Coach and Gage, Facility Operator. He is giving the guys an opportunity to test their skills in three disciplines that are typical for indoor rock climbing: bouldering, top roping and lead climbing; but with a twist - with a weighted vest strapped on. Chris also attempts a climb with a weighted vest: does he conquer his fear and make it to the top?

Rock Climbing is not for the timid! Climbers will not only climb up, but across or down indoor climbing walls or outdoor natural rock formations. It is a physically and mentally demanding sport that will definitely test a climber's strength, their endurance, agility and balance along with their mental control. But the satisfaction of climbing to the top after a demanding course is so satisfying!

If you do intend to get involved in this sport, check out classes in your area and make it a point to learn about the proper climbing techniques and the specialized equipment that you will need to stay safe and successfully reach your goal.




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