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How To Correct Your POSTURE & Increase Your HEIGHT

Posted by Corinne Chen on


 Posture is defined as the position of your body, whether you are standing still (static) or whether you are in motion (dynamic). In this vlog, Chris pays a visit to Dr. Jason at Rejuve Wellness in Brickell to learn how to correct bad posture. Fixing a slouch will make you stand up straighter and reflect your real height, but we can also lose height because of disc degeneration and lack of muscle tone.

There are three reasons why a person would have poor posture: trauma, bad posture, muscle weakness. Bad posture can lead to back pain as well as other issues you would not associate with it. Bad posture puts tension on your spinal cord and because your spinal cord runs through your spine with nerve endings feeding all parts of your body; it can lead to negative effects on your:

Neck: headaches, allergies, fatigue and neck pain

Upper back: hand numbness and pain

Lower back: gas, cramping, bloating, diarrhea and constipation

A strong core is especially important to overall health and well-being; and the benefits of exercising cannot be stressed enough. The first place to start is to tone our muscles, so follow along with this video if you are ready to optimize your best body and stand tall.



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