I Only Did Chris Heria Workouts For 7 Days

Corinne Chen



What is it like to revisit something you have already done in the past? Sometimes it helps as it can check your progression over time: how effective is it? Have I improved? Is it as difficult as it was when I first started?

Let’s find out from Chris as he reassesses some of his past workout sessions. He has just landed in Las Vegas and will be on the road for the next seven days. Rather than check into a gym, he will exercise using his own follow-along workouts that have already been posted on YouTube. In addition, he will monitor his food intake and count the number of calories he has consumed. At the end of the seven days, you can see the results for yourself.

Remember: it is not always easy staying on track and eating right when traveling, so just keep in mind that not every day has to be perfect, but just make sure that you have more good days than bad days!


 The Workouts I did For The Week:

Complete 15 min full body workout

   • Complete 15 Min Full Body Workout | N...  

The best home chest workout (no equipment needed)


10 min fat burning workout

   • 10 Min Fat Burning Workout | No Equip...  

Do this back workout from Home | no equipment

   • Do This Back Workout From Home | No E...  

20 min complete home leg workout | follow along

   • 20 Min Complete Home Leg Workout | Fo...  

Complete 20 min abs workout

   • COMPLETE 20 MIN ABS WORKOUT (From Home)  

Complete Arms Workout (Triceps, Biceps, Shoulders) | Resistance Band

   • Complete Arms Workout (Triceps, Bicep...  


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