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If I Laugh, You WIN a WEIGHTVEST! W/ Chris Heria & Brandon William

Posted by Corinne Chen on


 At times, people post the silliest things on social media to generate laughter. In this vlog, Chris and Brandon look at a sampling of gym fails & meme compilations posted out their. The goal is to try NOT to laugh at some of the silly things that humans do to themselves; but if they do, the loser gets whacked with a fly swatter and random lucky commentators benefit from their loss.

This laughter-filled competition not only provided entertainment for viewers but also served as a reminder of the significance of humor in our lives. By engaging in a friendly battle of laughs, they remind us that there is always room for laughter. Additionally, the Heria weighted vest giveaway allowed some lucky commentators to benefit from their laughter by receiving a very useful and much sought-after gift.

So, let’s remember to laugh, find joy in the simplest of things, and most importantly, learn to laugh at ourselves too. After all, laughter truly is the best medicine.


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