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I Tried Acupuncture For The First Time With Brandon William

Posted by Corinne Chen on


Join Chris and Brandon for a visit to a local acupuncturist.  After a full day of working out, they are completely sore.  So, on recovery day, Chris suggested that they try acupuncture.  Wait…WHAT!?  While he has heard positive things about this method of treatment, he has also heard that there could be some risks associated with it.  So, after researching the benefits and the risks of acupuncture; with an open mind and somewhat nervous, they visit a clinic to have their first ever acupuncture session.

What is acupuncture?  It is an age-old healing practice that falls under the umbrella of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body has a series of meridians or ‘pathways’ that transport qi and blood to all parts of the body and its organs. Along the meridians are points that when stimulated can result in healing of diseases or a reduction of pain by regulating excess or deficiency.  Usually, very fine needles are inserted on specific points of the body depending on the symptom to be treated.  If you decide to try this alternative method of treatment, do your research and check that your acupuncturist is a licensed professional.


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