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How to Pull-Up SUPER High | Defy Gravity

Posted by Allison Chin on

This week, Chris demonstrates a variant of the good ol' pull-up: The Super High Pull-Up. 

With the standard pull-up, you pull up to your upper chest before descending back down to starting position. However, when doing high pull-ups, you want to pull all the way up so that the bar reaches your lower chest or even your waist line! In order to do this however, your technique will have to be altered. Therefore, you'll want to pull up at a more horizontal position, as this will facilitate the upward movement because it's a combination of a pull-up and a lat pull-down. Benefits of this exercise include, but are not limited to, increased strength in your back, lats, and biceps. This will afford more explosive pulling power which will serve as a stepping stone on your journey toward more advanced exercises, such as the muscle up and the one-armed pull-up.

Check out the rest of this video as Chris shows you how to develop a strong foundation in order to to successfully achieve this exercise, and make sure to browse through other tutorials on the Heria Pro App!



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