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How To Full Planche Push Up In 7 Steps

Posted by Allison Chin on

Did you check out last week's vlog and already master your full planche potential? Well, this week, Chris Heria invites you to yet a new challenge-- a full planche push- up. 

Achieving a full planche itself is quite the ordeal. Therefore, it is very understandable how daunting a full planche push- up must seem. But, do no fret. In this week's vlog, Chris shows you how to achieve this skill from the very beginning in just 7 steps

The full planche push-up is one of the ultimate pushing exercises. It requires a tremendous amount of strength, as well as balance as you will be supporting your entire body weight with your feet lifted off the ground. When doing planche push-ups, you will engage all the muscles in your body in order to maintain the planche position while pressing down on the ground beneath you, truly emphasizing your upper body pushing muscles.

Now, this is an advanced exercise that takes time to achieve. But, if you use the correct progressions, you can achieve this skill systematically. So, make sure you have achieved up to Step 3 from last week's vlog, "How to Full Plance | 10 Steps" before you begin to progress onto full planche push-ups. 

Easily follow along to both progressions on the Heria Pro App for ease of accessibility!


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