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How To Full Planche | 10 Steps

Posted by Allison Chin on

The Full Planche. 

This week Chris Heria shows you the ropes behind achieving a full planche from the very beginning. He breaks things down into 10 obtainable steps that you can and will accomplish.

First of all, what is a full planche? It is an isometric exercise where the entirety of your body weight is held parallel to the floor with your hands firmly planted on the ground and your arms fully (and safely) locked out. 

He goes through the progressions in a systematic order that allows room for modifications, challenges, and growth on the journey toward this massive-- yet attainable-- feat. Every step from this 10 step regimen is crucial to the foundations of a full planche, as this skill requires the active engagement of almost every single muscle of your body with an emphasis on your shoulders, lats, biceps, brachialis, brachioradialis, core, lower back, glutes, and chest muscle groups. It demands tension of your muscles while contracting as a single unit and requires a tremendous amount of force to maintain this hold. Therefore, it is imperative to train this skill safely because it not only requires strength and durability of your muscles, but also your tendons and ligaments. 

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