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How To Build Bigger Arms (Without Weights)

Posted by Allison Chin on
How To Build Bigger Arms (Without Weights)


No weights? No problem. 

Join Chris Heria as he takes you on an outdoor training routine geared toward the development of big arms without any weights required. 

On today's routine, Chris tackles the muscles that provide your upper body with high volume. He targets your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and forearms in this special routine to yield maximum results that confer proportionality to your skeletal muscular system. 

He breaks down the structure of a training regimen and starts things out by identifying the target muscle. He then reviews some tips and tricks to increase the efficacy of your training day regarding resistance levels and so much more. 

Make sure to check out this vlog to see how Chris does arm day so you can challenge yourself and advance your progression toward the development of bigger arms!


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  • Logan Aucoin on

    Hey I’m really trying to get into calisthenics and I can seem to find the best routine or workout to help me get into it bc I’m a beginner and I need a start please

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