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How I Workout Shoulders (Chris Heria)

Posted by Allison Chin on
How I Workout Shoulders (Chris Heria)


Now that Chris is back from his trip, it's time to get his grind back on. Join him!

Check out this latest vlog where he guides you through his shoulder day routine in an effort to ease back into his normal training regimen. This workout focuses especially on skill and technique to facilitate form refinement and optimization of results. 


This workout is super thorough and hones in on low impact exercises targeted to the muscles that comprise your shoulders to produce highly effective results. Training with Chris can help you take your training to the next level if you begin to incorporate the techniques included that can lead to enrichment of your training routines.

Stay on track with Chris and uncover all that him and his team have created for you on the Heria Pro App!



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    Eres el doble de Brandon Lee

  • Óscar Cháves Rubio on

    Saludos Crish sigo tus vídeos y práctico diariamente tengo 64 años y estoy en forma

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