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How I Workout Chest (Chris Heria)

Posted by Allison Chin on
How I Workout Chest (Chris Heria)


Do you want the inside scoop on Chris Heria's chest workout?

Check out this this video he made just for you in an effort to guide you through an efficient chest workout in a thorough, yet succinct manner. 

He walks you through his workout step-by-step and shows you the proper equipment and form for optimal results. Chris starts things off with a warm-up consisting of light, elastic stretches that increase shoulder mobility supplemented by antagonistic stretches that ensure that your supporting muscles will be just as warmed up as the primary target muscles of this routine. This method will facilitate maximum engagement and an eventual increase in overall strength. 

The meat of the workout consists of rudimentary exercises that are instrumental to an increase in gains. These moves lay down the foundation for your body to build upon each day as you challenge yourself throughout your training. For example, Chris demonstrates how you can apply said challenge to simple exercises by utilizing a weight vest. If this is an option for you, and you have already mastered your training technique, go right ahead and take your training to the next level.

However, if you are not there yet, don't rush. Your own training is just that-- yours. It is entirely up to you and where you are at. Everyone is at their own level of progress, working toward their own goals, and achieving their own success. Own it. 

The main takeaway of this week is to listen to your body and know your limitations, but also stay hungry for a challenge

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