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How I Cut My Hair | Chris Heria

Posted by Corinne Chen on


Getting a haircut is not only healthy for your hair, as it could remove split ends and promotes healthy growth; but goes a long way towards enhancing your well-being.  A good haircut can be a game changer for lifting your mood!

This is not your usual workout video – in need of a trim, Chris starts the day with the intention of getting a haircut from his friend and barber, Jovan Figueroa @MOCLIVING.  He is the guy behind some of the iconic looks that Chris has sported over the past couple of years.  As Chris sits in the ‘hot seat’, follow Jovan as he unlocks the ‘how to’ for the cut that Chris chose. Listen to them as they share some of their life experiences and introduce you to Kevin Luchmun @KEVINLUCHMUN, an award-winning barber and men hair stylist from London.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of a haircut, keep in mind that whether you choose a haircut similar to Chris or not, choose a cut that flatters your face shape to bring out your best features!




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