Hardest Home Workout Anyone Can Do

Allison Chin

Recently, many people have transitioned to home workouts. Sometimes, the initial switch from an external gym to a home gym can be difficult. Therefore, one of the best strategies you can implement initially is the establishment of a goal. This contributes resilience both physically and mentally. 

A positive, determined mental outlook can easily facilitate your accomplishments. Determination is key to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle especially given the current circumstances. Therefore, before you begin any workout or training regimen, always try to establish your goal so that you have a plan of action and focused direction to channel your energy toward. This strategy could give you the motivation you might need to change out of those pajamas and put in work to contribute toward an active lifestyle.

This week you will especially need that mental aptitude because Chris and his team created the most difficult home workout for any trainee. This was created with the intention to empower and challenge you all to find and test your limits. As the practice of social distancing continues, there is no better time than now to work on yourself and redefine any limitations or barriers that may have hindered your growth in the past.

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