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3 Exercises That Hit Every Muscle Without Weights

Posted by Allison Chin on

Have you been looking for a thorough total body workout that actually challenges you both physically and mentally?

Well, look no further because this week Chris Heria breaks down the art of calisthenics to prove that this form of exercise hits every single muscle with every rep. 

In calisthenics, you utilize your own body weight for each exercise. Therefore, progressions come about by increasing the difficulty of the actual exercises-- not weight. The most advanced, calisthenics exercises will maximally increase the metabolic demands of your body which will produce the most effective and beneficial results in addition to broadening your range of motion. As you continue your training, you will gain not only strength and a solid physique, but also athleticism. By learning more difficult and advanced progressions, you will increase the amount of skills you have under you belt which will reflect in your everyday actions and health. 

Because you will advance with progression exercises, the difference in each progression will lie in your own personal goals and what you desire to achieve. So, make sure to check-in with yourself and tune into your body in order to get the most out of your workouts. Start training when you are ready, and make your life easier by following along on the Heria Pro App!



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