Chris Heria Workout Challenge + Home Meal

Allison Chin

This week, Chris brings you all a combination vlog this week! He includes not only a workout challenge but also shares one of his easiest and most nostalgic home recipes. 

Before diving into the meat of the workout however, Chris starts things off with a reminder to focus not only physical strength but also mental strength. Mental stamina is the driving force for our actions and the accomplishment of our goals. By setting goals and eventually conquering them, you can and will achieve success in anything you do-- whether it be working out, academia, in your workplace, or in the role you play as a parent, friend, son, or daughter. Cultivating goals give you purpose and direction. It establishes meaning to your life and also allows you to measure your progress as you evaluate and integrate any adjustments necessary on your journey of the life you desire. 

He starts things off with a highly efficient and challenging upper body workout. This is to test your current strength level relative to your body weight, as well as your capacity for endurance. Keep in mind that trying anything for the first time is almost guaranteed to be difficult, so do not become discouraged if this workout challenge seems a bit daunting. It is meant to challenge. And, for those of you who cannot execute this challenge just yet, do not worry. The progressions toward this skill can found on the Heria Pro App. Therefore, you can add this challenge to one of your future goals to work toward and conquer which will help keep you motivated on your fitness journey.


Here's the list of ingredients for Chris' home- made deviled eggs that are packed with protein and highly cost- effective!

  1. Boiled eggs
  2. Seasoning: pepper & salt (to taste)
  3. Mayo
  4. Ketchup (optional) 


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