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7-Minute Effective Home Chest Workout (No Equipment)

Posted by Allison Chin on

Welcome to another one of Chris' home workouts!

This week Chris focuses on the muscles that comprise your chest. He brings you a carefully curated chest workout that only takes 7 minutes! This routine is one of his long- standing workouts that he has been doing for years. It will optimize your gains and deliver progressive results without any equipment to leave little room for any excuses!

Every single one of these exercises can be scaled to any fitness level, so make sure to choose an elevation that both challenges you but is also appropriate for you. Today's workout is time based, as opposed to repetition driven. This will maximize results by increasing the time your muscles are under tension which increases hypertrophy and contributes to enhanced muscular growth. 

Feel free to start the exercises at a lower surface that parallels the floor and transition to a more elevated workout surface if you begin to feel fatigued. The more elevation that is provided, the easier it is to execute the exercises. By progressing in this order, you will not only challenge your body but also your mind. Remember, quality over quantity, and make sure to follow along on the Heria Pro App to easily perform this workout at home and continue to stay on track by navigating through the programs provided on the app!



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