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Do This Every Morning To Get 6 Pack Abs

Posted by Allison Chin on

Are the days starting to melt together? Are you still trying to figure out a daily routine?

Well, this week Chris brings some fresh, energetic vibes with this workout routine that will get your heart pumping and oxygen circulating at the beginning of your day. This morning routine is low- impact which makes it optimal for an early jump start to your day!

The structure of this regimen follows a high intensity interval training pattern. This will contribute to an after- burn effect where your caloric metabolism will continue at an increased rate to burn calories after you have already completed the workout itself. The combination of abdominal strength training with decreasing your body fat percentage will leave you with defined abdominal muscles that will not only look shredded but will afford enough strength that will translate vigor into subsequent workouts. 

Follow along because this routine will leave you feeling energized while getting shredded results. No prior fitness experience is required, so you can just jump right in and get one step closer to effectively sculpting that six- pack you've always wanted. For the optimal workout experience, execute this workout on the Heria Pro App, and feel free to adjust the difficulty as you progress by modifying the intensity. 



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