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Your body is one fine, sleek, powerful machine-- almost like the engine of an automobile. Accordingly, when you get behind the wheel, the last thing you would want to do is rev the engine to max speed, right? That would just wear it out and render it dysfunctional in the long run. You would want to wait until the engine has warmed up a bit before!

This week, Chris stresses the importance of properly warming- up before you begin your training exercises. He guides you athletes through a 5 minute warm- up that you can do before any routine. 

A warm- up is a light routine geared to prepare your body, a specific muscle, or even a group of muscles to handle the heavy load that it is about to endure as you accomplish your training. This increases your heart rate, improves your blood circulation, and strengthens your cardiovascular system. It will also raise your body temperature gradually while preparing you for the more demanding exercises that will ensue during your actual workout routine. By warming up before a workout, not only are you preparing your body, but you'll increase your ability to train harder during your intended workout. This will decrease your susceptibility to sustaining an injury that would otherwise inhibit you from reaching your fitness goals. 

Many times injuries occur due to inadequate, insufficient, or even absent pre- workout warm- up regimens. Therefore, it is important to identify the proper warm- up exercises required before specific exercises to ensure that your warm- up is specific and targeted. If not, warm- ups that are too strenuous can lead to damaged tendons, ligaments, and muscles. 

Bottom line, proper warm-ups will prevent your body from injury, prepare your body to workout, and allow your body to train optimally at 100% throughout the duration of your training. This will maximize the fruit of your labor in a safe, and productive manner. For more tips, tricks, and training regimens, check out more content by Chris on the Heria Pro App!


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Hii Chris heria I am Rumman from India I started calisthenics because of you, you are my motivation well you posted one vedio you told that your training martal art also so I want you to please put your martal art vedio also

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