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Posted by Allison Chin on

Want a chest day routine that you can accomplish from the comfort of your own home? 

Follow along as Chris guides you through a super effective chest day workout that will leave you plump and pumped. This routine will optimize your workout goals by affording convenience and time saving measures. It is even financially feasible due to the fact that it is independent of a gym membership. 

This home chest workout can replace all of the exercises that you would be able to do at the gym. They will simulate the same muscle pathway and engage the same muscle groups. The exercises Chris guides you through will replicate the same product achieved via hitting the flat bench, incline bench, and doing flies. He even includes additional exercises that are geared to target another aspect of your chest muscles that you would not readily achieve with the previously mentioned chest workouts that you would commonly see at the gym.  

Now c'mon and get started by opening up your Heria Pro App to unlock all of your potential and stay connected with the Heria team!


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