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Replace Your Ab Day At The Gym With This Home Workout

Posted by Allison Chin on

Welcome to another original Chris Heria vlog! Today's vlog centers around time efficient planning to achieve optimal results. 

In this workout, we will be replacing our "ab day" at the gym with this home "ab day" workout. Traditionally, gyms offer quite limited options designed for targeting abdominal muscles regarding machines and equipment. This upholds the fact that abdominal workout don't truly require those big, fancy machines any who. By training in the comfort of your home, you will actually train your abdominals in more ways and angles solely by using body weight exercises. This broadens the possibilities and ranges of motion of the exercises while remaining absent of any restrictions normally conferred by machines.

Truly however, the secret to abs is consistency-- consistency in diet, training, and your lifestyle. This is why training abs from home without any equipment is one of the easiest way to stay committed and one of the best ways to remain consistent. There is no need to drive all the way to the gym through all of that traffic! Therefore, if you're going to substitute any muscle group day at the gym with a home workout, ab day is the most optimal. 

To make sure you can properly follow along, download the Heria Pro App, find this routine, and follow along with Chris! This routine only takes 7 minutes, including 45 seconds for each exercise with a 15 second break in between each set to total 7 exercises. They can be done on the ground without any equipment or if you would like to challenge yourself and increase the efficacy while including more muscle fibers and stabilizer muscles, you can do it on an elevated surface. 

Great job Heria athletes! Stay motivated, and keep up the consistency. 



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