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ABS LVL 1-10 (How To Progress Faster)

Posted by Allison Chin on

This week, Chris Heria demonstrates a 10- step progression toward achieving those seemingly unattainable 6- pack abs.  

This regimen has been created for both beginners and seasoned athletes alike. No previous experience is required, and this routine serves to fulfill a wide range of difficulty levels-- ranging from easy to the most advanced exercises and or progressions.

Exercises that target abdominal muscles can be categorized into 10 levels of difficulty. In this video, Chris chose one exercise from each level to represent its respective training category. For each exercise that you successfully accomplish, you will have unlocked the strengthen and aptitude to execute all of the exercises in that respective level. As each level becomes progressively more difficult, your challenge will be to utilize the technique and strength you developed from the preceding levels to help you nail the successive level. 

To make this even easier, make sure to follow along easily on the Heria Pro App!



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