Burn Fat And Build Muscle At The Same Time Without Weights

Allison Chin

Chris continues his home workout vlog series this week with a focus on how to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. 

This full body workout that requires no equipment is perfect for any setting. To target the development of muscle, we will incorporate a high number of repetitions to reach hypertrophy. This will tear more muscle fibers which will allow for a thicker and stronger repair, resulting in increased muscle mass. 

High intensity interval training (HIIT) will be followed as it increases the efficacy of caloric shedding while optimizing the burning of fat. We will do each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second break in between. This in conjunction with compound exercises will enhance muscle recruitment because the heavier overload and or resistance will facilitate the growth of muscle. In addition, by following this workout regimen, fast- twitch muscle fibers will also be addressed. Due to the high metabolic demand of these fibers, muscle enlargement and fat depletion will be further enhanced. 

As always however, nutrition plays an important role. By ensuring both optimal amounts of dietary protein and a controlled caloric deficit, muscle growth will be cultivated. 

Now let's get started on this workout by following along on the Heria Pro App!



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