Do This Everyday in 2023 For 6 Pack Abs

Corinne Chen

 As 2022 comes to a close and 2023 looms on the horizon, we take some time for self-reflection - looking back on how far we have come, and looking to the future to see how best we can continue to maintain our health and wellbeing.  For some of us, setting goals help to achieve this; but for others, it could be a set up for failure and disappointment if the objectives are not met.  It is always good to begin with small steps and build on them.  The little successes encourage us to continue, while the setbacks are not so huge that it cannot be overcome.

For Chris, being healthy is a way of life.  His philosophy for maintaining physical health is very simple – exercise smart and eat nutritious meals.  His love for his family is a motivational force and keeps him grounded and focused on being around for them. 

In this video he shares a goal that you can set for yourself in the coming year – a workout designed to help develop a strong core and a six-pack ab!  He has made it easy enough that you can do it every single day and effective enough that you will, with time, see the results. 

The best part is that no equipment is needed for this exercise, but you do need to download the HERIA PRO APP in the App Store or the Google Play Store if you haven’t already done so.  Open up to the YouTube workout section and find the routine.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  ¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!  新年快樂  (Xīnnián kuàilè)


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