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Chris Heria’s Complete Sunday Routine

Posted by Corinne Chen on

Sunday is beach day for Chris, and he heads out to Miami Beach to do some ‘light’ training.  It involves a little bit of cardio, some sprints, dead lifts, and technique training on the bars – and some fun time too!  Miami Beach is a cool spot for outdoor activities and exercise; especially down on Muscle Beach South Beach where locals and visiting fitness buffs hang out.  It’s a great way to spend time on the beach and meet people who share your passion for fitness.

This portion of beachfront is on 9th and Ocean and features outdoor fitness gyms with weights and equipment – and best of all, it is free to use!  In addition to all the equipment that is available, there are two unique pieces by MyEquilibria that you should definitely check out – Leopard Tree and MyBeast.  MyEquilibria is the first fitness company to integrate design, art and fitness in their equipment.  These two pieces combined have over 30 components for working out.  No excuse!  There are always people out here especially when the weather is nice.

At the end of his run up, Chris follows up with a workout on the bars and some dead lifts.  There is also some friendly competition on the bars and dead lifts. Light is failing, so they wrap it up.  He makes a quick stop at Dulce to pick up his regular smoothie before heading home to chill out and hang with his daughter.  Great way to end the day: spending time with those you love!


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