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How To Full Planche Pushup | 5 Steps

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Commitment is key to accomplishing the goals you set for yourself and if it is worth doing, it is worth taking the time to learn.  You can’t go from zero to planche pushup just like that; it is going to take some serious dedication!  It is an advance strength exercise that demands a great deal of upper body, core and leg strength.  A planche pushup is a combination of a planche and a pushup: What is a planche? Well, first, the word ‘planche’ is a French word meaning ‘board’ or ‘plank’, so basically when you execute a planche you maintain your body in a straight line - parallel to the floor.  The placement of the hands is a key element to a planche because a great deal of pressure is centered on the hands as it supports the full weight of your body as it remains suspended.

Planche pushups are not easy, but that is not saying that it can’t be done.  If you are physically fit and have not sustained any injuries that would prevent you from executing one, you should be able to over time.  There is a progression of exercises, and you must master each step before you move on to the next step because you are simultaneously building a foundation and building muscle strength.  To move on ahead without mastering each step at best, you may not have the ability to hold the form and at worse, can cause injury to yourself.

Chris started with 20 Push-ups a day every day and progressed from there to eventually being able to execute Planche Pushups.  In this video, he is going to show you the five steps he took to develop the strength and skill over a period of time.  Planche Pushups are challenging but can be done if you set your mind to it, are disciplined, and take time to learn the preparation exercises that lead up to executing one.  Remember to always maintain proper form throughout all the exercises.  2023 Goals!!!

If you want to see a tutorial by Chris on learning how to planche, check out this video How to Full Planche I 10 Steps on You Tube and also download the HERIA PRO APP in the App Store or the Google Play Store if you haven’t already done so.  Open up to the YouTube workout section and find the routine.


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